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We are proud to offer our international customers the ability to represent our

Sport Nutrition and Unique Herbal Supplement lines, please ask for details.

We are currently establishing a joint venture with a company and or companies for a exclusive relationship in various countries for private label

Vitamins and supplements.

If you would like to discuss export opportunities with ONYX GbH, a leading Vitamin manufacturer, we will be arranging meetings in Jan and Feb 2010.

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We will set up exclusive partnership with qualified distributors in select locations throughout the world. To inquire about our distribution opportunities please contact us by e-mail or Call us at 305-594-6652.

For detailed information on each product please contact us via email.

Customers are responsible for shipping. Please read:

If shipping via a FEDEX, UPS, DHL or account, customers must provide their own account number. If shipping requires a private carrier, ONYX will assist with order shipping process via Freight Forwarder.

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